Midwest Super Cub

Midwest Super Cub

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Tires - Tri-Rib

These tri-ribbed, rubber tires are a 4-ply tubeless design. Available in two sizes: 3.50" x 8" (14.5" tall) & 3.50" x 6" (12.5" tall). Made by GVC.(PAIR)

Part Number: TRI

$49.75 $30.00 

Gear Sets - Cub Transmission

Three gears in a set. Cluster slider and two bottom gears. Tooth count on top cluster gear and corresponding bottom gears add up to 52.

Part Number: GS

$157.50 $135.0 

Under & Over Drives


Part Number: TRG08-23

$168.00 $138.0 

Large Overdrives


Part Number: TRG26-47

$220.50 $205.0 

Super Tough Top Shaft

Super Finished Hardened top shaft won't twist like stock shaft. Fits USA and Canadian gears.

Part Number: STT1

$81.11 $65.00 

Billet Steel Top Shaft Bearing Holder

Billet Steel Holder for top shaft bearing. Avoid breakage of stock cast iron holder.

Part Number: TSBH

$52.50 $35.00 

Billet Steel Bottom Front Pinion Holder

Bearing holder maintains rigid holding for the front pinion bearing to assure no movement.

Part Number: PH

$52.50 $35.00 

Ring and Pinion - Stock (Used)

Used Cub Cadet Ring and Pinion Set For Internal Brake Cubs

Part Number: Used R&P

$131.25 $75.00 

Billet Aluminum Hitch

NQS approved billet aluminum hitch.

Part Number: Hitch

$150.00 $100.0 

Billet Aluminum Oil Pan

Replace your cast pan that leaks with a billet aluminum oil pan 1 quart.

Part Number: OP1

$131.25 $105.0 

Aluminum Bearing Closure Plate

Bearing closure plate for K-series Kohler.

Part Number: BCP

$131.25 $119.0 


How to use our Gear Ratio Chart

This video will give you a quick overview of how to use our interactive Gear Ratio Chart on our website. Which can be found here
Be sure to to our youtube channel to be get tractor pulling, new product, and other announcement videos.


2 Speed Front Reduction Set Up


This 2 speed set up fits inside the stock reduction housing, also works with our aluminum reduction housing. No machine work needed. Just send in your old reduction housing and brake lever and we'll send you back everything you need. The 2 speed box will make your transmission an 8 speed with 1/2 gear increments. The 2 speed will speed up your transmission 3.5 gears on the low side and 4 gears in the high side. In other words as example a 20 Tooth gear set would be equal to a 23 1/2 on the low side and 24 tooth on the high side. The kit includes longer top shaft, snap ring to retain top shaft bearing, a 67 Tooth 10 Pitch gear, a 81 Tooth 12 Pitch gear, an inner shift ring, outer shift ring, shift fork, front reduction cover with support bearing for top shaft, special 2 speed pinion with bearing and a 2 speed shift lever. We've tested this 2 speed set up in our "Half Pint" tractors this past NQS season with out failures. We will include a dvd with the instruction video on it, unless you specify that you do not need it.

Part Number: 2spd



Machining Services

  Crankshaft Grinding (per journal)


  Block boring and honing Single Cylinder


  Block boring and honing V-twins


  Block resurfacing/decking Single


  Block resurfacing/decking V-twin


  Cylinder head resurfacing/decking Single Cylinder


  Cylinder head resurfacing/decking V-Twin


  V-twin cylinder head O-ring groove with o-ring material(less 10 without o-ring material)


  V-twin re-sleeve, finish bore and hone (sleeves $63.00)


  Machining block for roller lifters (V-Twin)


  Machining V-Twin head for roller rocker kit


  Port and Polish for V-twin (plus parts)


  Flow Bench Service Single cylinder


  Flow Bench Service V-Twin


  Cam Lobe Checking in our Cam Pro CMM machine. We can check your camshaft grind so you can be sure of what you have. You get a print out and cam profile graph.


You will have to call the tech line 563-659-5276 to order these or for more information.